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South Africa has had to endure double digit energy price increases for the last five years resulting in doubling of energy costs. This trend is forecasted to continue in the foreseeable future with serious impact on the economy. ENERGY2 provides numerous energy efficiency measures to mitigate these increases as well as self-generation solutions which also avoid global crisis of carbon emissions.


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Energy Efficiency by Energy Squared
  • Power factor correction
    An important measure to ensure that the real power (kW) is aligned with apparent power (kVA) for efficient conversion of electrical power into useful work output especially for users ona demand based tariff.

    Power factor correction
    Power factor correction

  • Lighting
    Usually the easiest and quickest intervention for increased energy efficiency there are numerous technological solutions available including LED lighting; induction lighting and natural lighting. There are also valuable add-ons for daylight harvesting; sensor controls and lux management for maximising savings.

    LED lighting
    LED lighting

  • HVAC
    Certainly the biggest energy user in commercial space there are various measures available to reduce power usage by these systems for which an individual assessment is required.

  • Heat recovery
    For the manufacturing and processing environment the recovery of otherwise wasted heat is an important initiative for saving energy using an exchanger.

    Heat recovery

  • Motor controllers
    Meaningful savings are achievable by installing variable speed drives (VSD) on applicable motors used in a wide scope of processes in a short to medium timeframe.

    Variable speed drive
    Variable speed drive

  • Fuel optimisation
    For users with traditional coal and diesel fired burners there are cheaper and green alternatives available enabling a reduction in carbon emissions.

  • Insulation
    For chiller reticulation it is critical that components are cladded to minimise heat gains and increase energy efficiencies by reducing the energy load in order to achieve temperature targets.

Renewable Energy by Energy Squared
  • Photo-voltaic (PV)
  • Wind turbines
  • Biomass
  • Energy storage
Energy Consulting by Energy Squared
  • Auditing
  • Energy management
  • Measurement and verification
  • Financing solutions
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